How can I register with Cimentos Liz?
Clients should get in touch with our Service Center via telephone # 0800 707 91 19 to receive information on the necessary documentation. Following delivery of the documents by e-mail or fax a Credit analysis will be conducted and within 48 hours the Client will receive a reply.

What is the difference between CPII, CPIV and CPV?
Portland Cement CP II-E-32 Compound (with granulated blast furnace slag) has a composition that is intermediary between the ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and the Portland cement with additions (blast furnace and pozzolanic). This cement combines well, producing good results with low heat of hydration and an increase in resistance in comparison with ordinary Portland cement. It is recommended for structures that require a moderately slow liberation of heat or that might be exposed to sulfates.

Portland Cement CP IV-32 RS is designed for constructions underway in the form of mortar, ordinary concrete, reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete, prefabricated pieces, concrete artifacts and is especially recommended for structures exposed to running water and aggressive environments. Concrete made with this element becomes more impermeable and durable, presenting greater mechanical resistance to compression than that found in concrete made with Ordinary Portland Cement at advances ages. It features specific characteristics that favor its application when bulk volumes of concrete are required due to its low heat of hydration.

Portland Cement CP V ARI – (High Initial Resistance – NBR 5733) boasts resistance to compression values close to 26 MPa one day after pouring and of 53 MPa at 28 days, which far surpass the normative values of 14 MPa, 24 MPa and 34 MPa for one, three and seven-day old concretes, respectively. CP V ARI is recommended for the preparation of concrete and mortar for the production of cement artifacts in small and middle-sized industrial plants, such as for the fabrication of concrete masonry blocks, pavement blocks, pipes, slabs, curbs, fence posts, posts and prefabricated architectural elements. It may be utilized in the preparation of concrete and mortar at construction sites – – from small constructions to large-sized buildings – and in all applications that need high initial resistance and quick mold removal. This property is acquired with the utilization of a different lime and clay dosage in the clinker production, and through a finer grinding of the cement. When reacting with water, CP V ARI acquires elevated resistances at a faster speed.


How many bags of cement are there on a pallet of CP II-E-32, CP IV-32 RS and CP V-ARI products?
CP II-E-32 = 30 and 35 bags
CP IV-32 RS = 30 and 35 bags
CP V-ARI = 40 bags

Can an individual purchase products?
No, only legal personalities registered with Cimentos LIZ.

What is the minimum quantity purchase?
60 bags of cement for the Metropolitan Belo Horizonte Region and for the cities in the interior of the State, it will depend on shipment particulars.

How long does it take Cimentos LIZ to deliver the products?
Cimentos Liz respects the needs of its clients and commits itself to delivering its products within the schedule established at the date of purchase. Get in touch with our Customer Service Center via telephone # 0800-707 91 19 and check the delivery schedules for your city.

What are the geographical areas of operations for ECL?
We deliver to the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.

What are the products carried by the Empresa de Cimentos Liz?
Cimentos LIZ carries the following products in bags: CP II-E-32, CP IV-32 RS and CP V-ARI. It also commercializes these products, in addition to CP II-E-40 in bulk. Please visit the Products link for further details.