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While Brazil was going through its economic miracle, the municipalities of Lagoa Santa and Vespasiano were notable for their development and for the expectation of better times with the founding of Soeicom S/A - Sociedade de Empreendimentos Industriais, Comerciais e Mineração, on March 10th, 1969, by Portuguese businessman António de Sommer Champalimaud.

With a bold business plan and solid experience in the cement business, Empresa de Cimentos Liz, formerly known as Soeicom, started its production unit on June 24th, 1976.

In its first year of operation, 516,000 tonnes of cement were produced, allowing the company, in a short period of time, to conquer the Minas Gerais market and expand its business to the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

In 2009, Cimentos Liz once again demonstrated its innovative spirit and replaced its electrostatic filter with the largest low pressure bag filter yet installed in Brazilian cement industry.

Desde então, a empresa mantém a inovação em sua linha de produção e investe em equipamentos de alta qualidade.

Our brand

The Cimentos Liz brand began in Portugal, in 1918, when a Portuguese businessman Henrique Araœjo de Sommer founded the Empresa de Cimentos de Leiria, at Maceira-Liz, near the Liz river.

At that time, technology was fundamental to the production of cement and therefore the company invested in the most modern equipment available, the installation of the horizontal rotary kilns.

In 1942, the companys success allowed Henrique Araujo«s nephew, the businessman Ant—nio de Sommer Champalimaud to expand the Cimentos Liz brand and install plants in Mozambique and Angola.

Another noteworthy point in the history of the Liz brand was the installation, at Companhia de Cimentos Tejo in Alhanda, Portugal, of the largest cement kiln in the world. In addition, 19 cement kilns were installed in the group’s seven plants that were responsible for producing seven million tonnes of cement per year.


The demand in the Brazilian market for cement attracted the attention of the President of Empresa de Cimentos Leiria, António de Sommer Champalimaud, who decided, in 1969, to install a cement factory in the country.

The location chosen was the cities of Lagoa Santa and Vespasiano, due to the chemical characteristics of the soil and geographical position. The company was founded with the name Soeicom S/A - Sociedade de Empreendimentos Industriais, Comercias e Mineração, which commercialized the Cimentos Liz brand.